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Full and Final Statement

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Should you have a lump sum available, you could offer your creditors a reduced payment in full and final settlement of their debt.
If your creditor agrees to this offer, the balance of the outstanding debt is written off. A lump sum could be from:

  • A money gift from friends or family
  • The sale of assets such as property, investments, or anything of value
  • Re-mortgaging your home
  • An Equity release scheme
  • Redundancy
  • An inheritance or Lottery win


Your debt will be paid off and you can make a fresh start.
Your creditors should then mark your debt as “Satisfied” so that future searches on your credit file. will show that you have successfully dealt with your debt.
Clearing your debt may improve your credit rating



You will need access to a lump sum.
Your creditors may demand full payment of your debt.
It is not guaranteed that your creditors will accept your offer.
Clearing your debt may not remove any legal action recorded against you on your credit report. They will remain on your credit file for 6 years from their registration.


First steps:

The lump sum will need to be divided up amongst your creditors. We can advise you how to divide this on a pro-rata basis.
Contact TC Debt Solutions to arrange for a review of your finances
We will act on your behalf and send your offers to all your creditors. No creditor will be paid unless an offer is agreed in writing.