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Protected Trust Deed


A Protected Trust Deed could be the best option for you if you are in employment with some disposable income. It is a formal legally binding agreement between you, your creditors and an insolvency practitioner who becomes your Trustee. To enter into a Trust Deed you must be able to make regular payments from your income.


• Your creditors agree to an affordable, monthly repayment (contribution) over a fixed time period

• Trust Deeds normally last for 48 months, but this can vary.

• Interest will stop on your debts once you have signed a Trust Deed and most debts outstanding at the end of the Trust Deed will be written off; with the exception of Student Loans and court fines.

• Should a Trust Deed become protected, your creditors will not be able to chase you for payment or add any further interest to the outstanding debt.

• Trustee’s fees and outlays are paid from the contributions made into the Trust Deed.


• The Trust Deed conveys your interest on the assets that you own to your Trustee. This includes your home if you own it wholly or jointly.

• If your creditors do not agree to the terms of the Trust Deed they may be able to prevent your case from becoming protected.

• Failure to co-operate with your Trustee may result in bankruptcy.

• You may lose your family home if you do not maintain your payments to your mortgage lender.

• It will affect your credit rating and you may find it difficult to get credit in the future.

First Steps:

• We will discuss your personal circumstances with you in order to establish the best solution to your financial situation.

• As licensed insolvency practitioners we can advise and assist you on how to enter into a Protected Trust Deed.

• Contact TC Debt Solutions to discuss, in confidence, the best solution to your debt problem.